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Medical Auditing Solutions Testimonies & Reviews

Recommendations demonstrating Angela Miller’s leadership, knowledgeable of the health care industry, ethical, trustworthy impeccable services provided and holds clients to high standards in Dallas, Ft Worth, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, California, Alaska, Ohio, Illinois, and Nationally.  To provide a review click here

“Working for another DME company in Jacksonville, FL and the week I started we got put on a full audit. I am the Billing Manager and just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for all your training! We got audited by Integriguard and I was able to help them get all their charts together with the proper documentation for the audit. We sent over 1200 charts for 3 mos and then got released! We passed with flying colors! You made me look like a SUPER STAR!  THANKS.”  October 21, 2011  Amy Stewart

“Angela approaches every task with the impeccable professionalism. She is very knowledgeable and considered and expert in her field. I have worked with Angela on numerous projects and have been impressed with her results.” February 8, 2011
John Frogge, Region Manager, Rotech Medical Corporation (IHS)
worked with Angela at RoTech Medical Corporation and has worked with Medical Auditing Solutions LLC

“I have worked together with Angela on various projects. I continue to be impressed with her knowledge and capabilities. She is very responsive and her work is comprehensive and of premium quality. In addition, she is very motivated and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her for your compliance and auditing needs.” March 11, 2010
Wayne van Halem, President, The van Halem Group, LLC
was with another company when working with Angela at Medical Auditing Solutions LLC

“Angela works with her clients to assist them in maintaining their business by adhering to the rules and regulations that are required by the government. She shares her knowledge willingly with others to make sure that they are aware of any changes or updates. She is a good person to have on your team.” March 5, 2010
Pam Malone, Owner, Agent, Malone & Associates
worked with Angela at Medical Auditing Solutions LLC

Medical Insurance Expertise

“Angela has developed an expertise in medical insurance, where most of us fear to tread!” January 3, 2010
Lisa F Hall, Owner, In Credible
worked with Angela at Medical Auditing Solutions LLC

“I’m very pleased to recommend Angela. We worked together at Rotech where I am a Region Manager. ‘Angelica’ was incredibly knowledgeable, professional and responsive and a large part of my success. She will be an asset to any organization without a doubt.” November 19, 2009
Joni Moss, Region Manager, Rotech Healthcare
worked with Angela at RoTech Healthcare

Auditing, Due Diligence

“Angela is a very professional, smart and savvy businesswoman with tons of experience in the DME/HME arenas. I would recommend her for all of your auditing, due-diligence, and professional health care consultations.” November 12, 2009
Joe Davidge, Privacy Compliance Officer, NNMC
worked indirectly for Angela at RoTech Medical Corporation Inc

“Angela did an amazing job at auditing charts and reviewing the AR process of a potential acquisition. Would highly recommend her with any company interested in performing AR Consulting and Auding.” September 15, 2009
Top qualities:
Great Results, Expert, Good Value
John Cassar, hired Angela as a Business Consultant in 2005, and hired Angela more than once

Bankruptcy Trustee Medical Collections

“Medical Auditing Solutions LLC (MAS), owned by Angela Miller, was retained earlier this year by my client, Diane Reed, the bankruptcy trustee for Soporex Inc., in a bankruptcy case pending in Dallas. MAS was retained to collect aged healthcare (Medicare) accounts receivable. At the time MAS was retained by the trustee, these accounts were over two years old. Ms. Miller provided the trustee and me with an initial estimate as to amount of accounts we could expect to collect, and she thereafter provided us with interim oral and written reports on her progress and results. Ms. Miller appeared to me to be very knowledgeable about the claims-filing requirements for Medicare accounts, and she pursued the collection effort in a very timely and cost-effective manner. She also provided detailed feedback as to offsets and denials of claims.

The collection project was terminated before completion by the secured creditors who were funding MAS’ collection expenses. The project was terminated because the payment agents for CMS were improperly asserting recoupment claims, which significantly reduced the remaining balance of collectible accounts, and because of software systems problems that were beyond Ms. Miller’s control.

In addition to the collections of these accounts, Ms. Miller helped the trustee obtain the information needed to pursue claims against the fiscal intermediaries who were responsible for paying the Medicare claims. Despite the problems we encountered, MAS collected more than we expected to receive on these aged accounts.

The trustee and I were very pleased with Ms. Miller’s professionalism and results; the trustee would retain Ms. Miller in the future for other healthcare accounts collection work, and the trustee and I would recommend her to others seeking to collect health care accounts, particularly those involving Medicare.

David W. Elmquist
Reed & Elmquist, P.C.
Direct: (972) 938-7339
Fax: 1+(972) 923-0430
e-mail: delmquist@bcylawyers.com
http://elliscountybankruptcy.com” October 9, 2009
David Elmquist, Shareholder, Reed & Elmquist P.C.
worked with Angela at Medical Auditing Solutions LLC

Consultant & Speaker

“Angela has proven herself to be a knowledgeable consultant and speaker. She has been a valuable colleague who I would recommend without reservation.” September 25, 2009
Top qualities:
Great Results, Personable, Expert
John Allman, hired Angela as a HME Consulting/Speaker in 2005, and hired Angela more than once

Health Care Industry Expert

“I have known Angela for over 10 years and have always found her to be dependable and trustworthy. Her reputation of in the Health care industry is commendable and her work ethics are at the highest level.” September 18, 2009
Randy W. Durbin, Director of Pharmacy Operations, Rotech Healthcare
worked with Angela at Medical Auditing Solutions LLC & at Rotech

“I have known Angela for over 10 years. She is very knowledgeable and understands the vulnerabilities faced by durable medical equipment companies on a daily basis. She is tough but if you are looking to run a good business within Medicare guidelines, she can help you do it.” September 15, 2009
Denise Fletcher, Attorney, Brown & Fortunato, P.C.
was with another company when working with Angela at Medical Auditing Solutions LLC & Home Care Supply

Medical Billing Consultant

“Angela is a exceptional medical billing consultant and would be a great asset to any HME company that needs to improve on operations and billling processes.” December 15, 2008
Ronn Schuman, President CEO, Connectyx Techologies
worked with Angela at Medical Auditing Solutions LLC

Corporate Compliance Officer

“Angela is a great person with a tremendous work ethic. She goes above and beyond the call of duty and carries out her responsibilities with enthusiasm. She is an example of high integrity and honor. I enjoyed working with her and counted it a privilege.” May 27, 2010
Cheryl Inman, Territory Manager, Praxair
worked indirectly for Angela at Home Care Supply Inc NKA Praxair Health Care

“Angela provided the Company with the needed leadership in assuring that our practices were in compliance with governmental guidelines. She held the organization to high standards and routinely reviewed performance to minimize non compliant behavior. She stayed abreast of changes and employed effective means of communications to assure awareness among our operating units. OUTSTANDING,.” March 15, 2010
Eugene Humphrey, VP Finance, Home Care Supply. Inc
managed Angela indirectly at Home Care Supply Inc NKA Praxair Health Care

“Angela is an extremely knowledgable and hard working compliance professional. Angela is such an excellent self-starter she needed very little (if any) “managing”. I simply cleared the way for her to do her job.” September 15, 2009
Richard Tuten, JD, Compliance Officer, Rotech Health Care
managed Angela at Rotech Healthcare

“I’ve known Angela for approximately 10 years. In her role as Compliance Specialist she was extremely efficient, knowledgeable, fair, and an excellent resource. She is also a very dependable and the most down to earth, honest person you would ever know. I’d recommend her and her company’s services to any healthcare provider looking to have the job done correctly.” September 25, 2008
Joe Silva, Northeast Regional Manager of Operations, Rotech Healthcare
worked with Angela at Rotech Healthcare

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