Speaking Engagements

Angela Miller and Medical Auditing Solutions has several speaking engagements each year for various health care associations on various topics to include billing, cash flow management, compliance program development & management, HIPAA Privacy & HITECH Security Basics and Audits, billing auditing, and denial management.


Angela Miller has spoken regularly since 2005 at MEDTRADE a national conference for durable medical equipment, sleep, rehab, and home health industry. Medtrade: Spring & Fall 2005, Spring & Fall 2006, Fall 2007, Fall 2008 & 2009, 
Spring 2010
& Fall 2010, Fall 2011, Spring 2012

State Association Meetings:

Angela Miller and Medical Auditing Solutions can frequently be found speaking and attending State Associations for Medical Equipment Industry. Several of the associations where Angela and Medical Auditing have participated are KYMESA 2008, IAMES 2008, AAOE 2010, 2012TAHC 2010, CAMPS 3/1/2011,TOMA 6/17/2011, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, MAMES, MESAAAPC-Arlington, TX,  VGM Heartland June 2011, KYMESA November 2011, September 2012, AAOE New Orleans May 2012

Medical Auditing Solutions and Angela Miller focus on educating the community of physician and dental providers at local facility events as well as the above associations.

Baylor Medical Center – Carrollton Quarterly Meeting August 2012 HIPAA Audits 101
Baylor College of Denistry – September 2012 Quick Review of Compliance HIPAA and Medicaid Audits

Angela Miller Speaks Regularly On:

Healthcare Compliance Program Requirement under Health Care Reform Act and PPACA
HIPAA Privacy & HITECH Security Audits 101
Privacy and Security Basics
Cash Flow Management
Denial Management

Webinars with Angela Miller of Medical Auditing Solutions

The MED Group: since 2006-2008

Zirmed Webinar April 20, 2011

KYMESA “Cash Flowmanagement” October 2012

Publications that include Angela Miller or Medical Auditing Solutions

SCCE “Health Care Reform Changes Impacting Patient Documentation” December 2010

HME News 4 articles in 2005

This list of speaking engagements by Angela Miller is not all inclusive.

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