Company Profile

Healthcare Compliance Program Experience

  • Angela Miller has over 18 years experience developing compliance programs, managing accounts receivable cash flow, billing and coding audits, performing investigations and defense audits.  Of this experience Ms. Miller spent 5 years as a Corporate Compliance Officer for large private DME or medical equipment provider
  • Compliance Program Development and Due Diligence on-site Nationwide, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, New York, Florida, California, Alaska
  • Experience managing Corporate Integrity Agreement as well as responses to OIG audits and investigations
  • Work with top level executives to supply recommendations to improve the cash flow management in the organization
  • Develop Corrective Action Plans and follow up
  • Develop various training programs and perform the in-service programs for all employees
  • Develop and perform training programs for additional Compliance Program Department staff
  • Investigate all allegations including OIG, DOJ, Medicare, Medicaid, and individual hotline calls
  • Compile formal audit reports; providing research and proper document guidelines including implementation dates to prepare for adequate defense audit with attorney
  • Meet with outside counsel, attorney, and top level executives to discuss investigation and audit results
  • Publish monthly compliance newsletters including articles on regulation changes, company requirements, and continuing compliance education

What Medical Auditing Solutions offers compliance programs, healthcare organizations and business brokers?

  • Unbiased, conservative, & confidential healthcare billing compliance, HIPAA privacy, and due diligence audits with a conservative corrective action plan
  • Compliance Program Development and Training for medical equipment companies
  • Knowledgeable and trained professionals to complement your staff
  • Updates of ever-changing medical claims billing requirements
  • Setup annual audits to ensure proper Federal claims filing requirement compliance for Medicare, Medicare, and other insurance carriers (The OIG recommends annual audits)
  • Compliance program analysis specific to your needs
  • Improves accounts receivable collections!
  • Improves your chances of selling and some brokers require it prior to the buyer’s due diligence (80% of all deals blow-up due to compliance)
  • It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind, reduced over payment risk that will cost much much more later, a higher sale price, which will close faster
  • Healthcare business brokers are confident in my ability to provide excellent service

What can Medical Auditing Solutions offer attorney in Law Firm representing Healthcare Clients?

  • Unbiased, conservative, & confidential, healthcare billing compliance and investigation audits to assist with healthcare defense cases for medical equipment companies
  • Independent audit of records to ensure correct medical billing
  • Thorough reporting and documentation to legal counsel in the format requested
  • Assist with on-site provider interviews
  • Assist with acquisitions and mergers to comply with licensure and Medicare requirements to ensure to lapse of billing and collections

What is the benefit to using Medical Auditing Solutions with their extensive working compliance program and billing audit experience?

  • We work with you as a team to find the most cost effective solution to resolve your issues and turn collections around the fastest way possible. If you are having collection problems, it does not mean you need to buy a new software system which is costly.
  • We look at your business and don’t recommend anything we would not do if it was our own business.
  • We have former Medicare Ombudsman, Benefit Integrity Auditors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Physicians, Billing Experts that work with your organization as needed

Medical Auditing Solutions LLC & Angela Miller Certifications

  • Texas HUB (Historically Underutilized Business)
  • Texas WBE (Women Owned Business Enterprise)
  • Angela Miller is CHC (Certified in Heatlhcare Compliance) and CMC (Certified Medical Coder)

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